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5 Ways to Make Your Work Commute Healthy

You’ve heard it’s healthy to walk to work, but what about those who live in areas that don’t accommodate a “pedestrian culture?” For those who can’t walk to the workplace, there are ways to remedy the daily drudge of your commute. Listening to classical music, for example, is a proven way to reduce road rage.

Beauty and Durability Set the Standard at Kapi’olani Medical Center

When it came time for Hawaii’s only children’s hospital to choose a new flooring solution they needed something sustainable, serviceable and flexible. After extensive testing, it became clear that vinyl tile, carpet and VCT didn’t meet the needs of their space. So they chose this resilient flooring solution that offered extensive versatility and design opportunities…

Downloadable Apps Can Aid in Tranquility and Mindfulness

Think of it as mindfulness on-the-go. There are now dozens of phone apps available that offer meditation tips, breathing and mindfulness techniques and even guided meditation modules. These “serenity on screen” apps offer features such as pre-recorded ocean sounds and a soothing, narrative voice to guide users through meditation.

Taking the Stairs: How Paying Attention to This Neglected Space Can Impact Patient Outcomes

Encouraging patients to stay active during healing is a hallmark of a wellness-driven care model. But is your facility designed to promote activity? Healthcare Design Magazine explores an often-overlooked design opportunity in healthcare buildings: the stairwell. Learn how an inviting, light-filled stairwell can benefit patients in ways that go beyond functional.

Want to Lessen Workplace Stress? Look to Science.

Bogged down by clutter? Turns out, a cramped workspace directly correlate to stress. The same goes for posture and the amount of physical – and mental – breathing room you allot for yourself. The good news? You can combat stressful factors with a list of science-backed tips. Who knew it was as simple as sitting up straighter?

In Healthcare, Art Demonstrates Healing Power

The use of art to positively impact patient outcomes is nothing new. However, The National Endowment for the Arts and the Society for Arts In Healthcare have taken arts initiatives one step further to further improve the healing process in hospitals, nursing homes, senior centers, hospices, and other entities within the medical community.