Customer comfort at the center of $2 billion expansion.

More than 15 million passengers visited the YYC Calgary International Airport last year, bringing with them a host of issues. Rolling luggage and carts. Food and beverage spills. Tracked-in snow, mud and ice-melt products.

But nothing was more important to the Calgary Airport Authority than welcoming tired travelers struggling to get to their destinations.

The authority began planning the $2 billion expansion that more than doubled the size of the facility more than ten years ago. Durability and maintenance considerations were right at the top of the authority members’ list of decision criteria. But the goal of providing aid and comfort for those millions of weary souls was foremost in their minds.

They considered, and rejected, a number of choices, based on its prior experience. Carpet was dismissed because its high maintenance costs and its likely deterioration and poor appearance, if it’s not cleaned regularly. Similarly, linoleum was ruled out because of maintenance costs and wood flooring was eliminated because of poor results that other airports have experienced.

In the end, YYC chose premium rubber flooring from nora systems, Inc. More than 400,000 square feet of norament® grano and noraplan® sentica, now cover portions of the international terminal and Connections Corridor, the route for the airport’s new shuttle system.

“nora® rubber flooring provides comfort and give underfoot for the traveler—a less fatiguing option as opposed to harder flooring, such as granite or porcelain tile—and best suits the areas we selected for this flooring perfectly,” says the airport authority. “It also has a certain warmth to it that conveys comfort.”

An added bonus is the floor’s contribution to the airport’s wayfinding program. As travelers leave the retail/amenities and departures section of the airport and enter the concourses, the flooring changes from granite to nora flooring, signaling to travelers they are on their way.

Millions of visitors form their initial impressions of a community in both the appearance and the performance of an airport and its flooring. Read more about how nora helped the YCC Calgary International Airport meet that challenge in the full project profile.

(Photographs courtesy of Calgary Airport Authority)