Flooring helps create an atmosphere that encourages children to thrive in classroom setting conducive to learning.

When it came time to select the right flooring for the new Westminster Middle School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, school officials had already been schooled on the performance aspects of rubber flooring. With experience utilizing rubber flooring in their previous building, the transition to nora® flooring in their new 52,000-square-foot facility was a no-brainer.

An Environment to Excel at Westminster Middle School-2

The real challenge, however, was developing a student-friendly learning atmosphere in a busy middle school. By installing quiet, low-maintenance flooring, administrators were able to achieve that goal while still meeting maintenance, environment and longevity requirements.

An Environment to Excel at Westminster Middle School-3

Despite high traffic in the building, the flooring’s durable, no-wax surface is maintaining its aesthetically appealing look in corridors, classrooms and coordinating stairwells throughout the middle school. “We like that we don’t have to use chemicals to strip the surface of the flooring,” says Sue Oldham, director, Westminster Middle School. Daily mopping saves maintenance staff time and money, while labs and kitchen areas experience excellent stain resistance to make cleanup simple.

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Students hear clearly and learn better thanks to the enhanced acoustics and sound absorption qualities of the flooring. This student-friendly learning atmosphere provides the perfect environment for students to listen, learn and excel – just the outcome desired by teachers and project designers alike.

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