A school district finds repeat success and an uplifted educational experience after choosing nora® flooring for its elementary school.

Originally built in 1971, Walton-Verona Elementary School in Verona, Kentucky, houses about 750 children in preschool through fourth grade. Increasing student enrollment has called for several school renovations and additions over the years. When it came to selecting flooring, the district drew upon previous success and turned once again to nora.

Walton-Verona Elementary School

The Walton-Verona School District installed nora flooring in its middle and high school facility several years ago. Since then, teachers in those schools have consistently noted improved comfort underfoot and reduced noise levels in the hallways. Wanting to carry over those same advantages and care practices into its elementary school setting, officials placed norament® grano and noraplan® eco throughout the elementary school.

Walton-Verona Elementary School Classroom

One of the most readily apparent benefits of nora flooring is its easily maintained appearance. With a cleaning process that requires little more than water, the school district saves a significant amount of time and money on labor costs and chemical solutions. “We clean the hallways every night, and they look brand new,” says Walton-Verona district superintendent Bill Boyle. The efficient upkeep is especially advantageous in the cafeteria, which doubles as a gymnasium and sees heavy foot traffic with little downtime. The school can maximize full use of this space by occasionally using the nora® pro clean system to remove tough stains caused by food spills.

Walton-Verona Elementary School

The fresh, well-kept atmosphere is conducive to learning, as teachers and students can focus on their studies instead of their surroundings. Teachers appreciate the flooring’s extra cushion and improved acoustics; the noise-dampening surface buffers distracting sounds, helping keep young learners focused and on task.

Knowing how well nora premium rubber flooring has held up in the middle and high school, the district wasn’t surprised by the flooring’s repeat performance in the bustling elementary school. See how nora supports energized and focused learning at Walton-Verona Elementary School in the full project profile.