Building Technology Showcase is “living lab” for cutting-edge materials and systems.

As its name suggests, the Building Technology Showcase (BTS) is designed to highlight the latest approaches to sustainability and energy conservation in contemporary structures. Located in the Innovation District of Boston, it houses the headquarters of the Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSE) and is designed as a demonstration space for research and development of sustainable energy technologies.

Building Technology Showcase Desk

The state-of-the-art exhibition and educational space is open to the public and receives heavy foot traffic on a consistent basis. An interactive educational exhibit space in the building’s first floor lobby is designed to encourage nationwide adoption of energy-saving technologies.

When it came to selecting the floor coverings to match the ambitious goals of this pioneering structure, the BTS wanted materials that were sustainable both in their manufacture and use. After investigating all available options, they chose nora® flooring.

Building Technology Showcase Cubes

“I was in Germany and had the opportunity to visit nora’s manufacturing facility and see first-hand the detailed and delicate attention paid to the creation of the flooring,” says Nolan Browne, managing director of Fraunhofer CSE. In addition to the sustainability and energy efficiency of the nora floors, BTS was impressed by its low maintenance requirements, long lifespan and comfort underfoot, he said.

“Having waxless floors that are able to be effectively kept up with only water is a huge advantage,” Browne says. It will help BTS not only achieve its energy efficiency and sustainability objectives, but also enable it to reduce building maintenance staff and costs.

Similarly, Brown adds, “The product life span and durability contribute to the conservation of energy, because facilities don’t have to re-install and replace the floor repeatedly.”

Building Technology Showcase Cubes 2

As for its ergonomic impact, the building also has housing research and development labs on the upper floors where lab workers spend long hours on their feet.

“I was impressed with the significant research nora is putting into creating a product that is optimized for comfort underfoot,” Browne says, adding that he hopes the organization can measure that impact in its living lab.

What better way to showcase and demonstrate new technology than to incorporate it into the building design? Get the whole story of BTS by reading the full project profile.