Children thrive in a colorful, safe and comfortable learning environment with premium nora® rubber flooring covering in place.

Originally constructed in 1959, St. Marien Catholic Kindergarten, located in Schönmattenwag, Germany, cares for 34 children ranging in age from two to six years. As administrators make improvements to the facility, environmental and health factors influence their choices, from building materials to low-emission toys.

St. Marien Kindergarten Drawing

With these considerations in mind, administrators selected noraplan® lona premium rubber flooring as part of a recent renovation. The low-emission floor covering contributes to improved indoor air quality, as it contains no polyvinyl chloride (PVC), plasticizers (phthalates) or halogens (e.g., chlorine).

St. Marien Kindergarten Classroom

Teachers and students appreciate Iona’s many benefits in the learning environment. The resilient surface offers added comfort to teachers and students. Enhanced slip resistance and attenuation of unwanted noise helps support a safer and acoustically sound educational space. Plus, the attractive design complements the light-colored furniture in the classrooms. “Teachers, parents and children agree: The rooms seem so much friendlier and more inviting with the new flooring,” says St. Marien’s director, Elfriede Schwöbel.

St. Marien Kindergarten Cart

The flooring’s simplified maintenance calls for little more than water when cleaning and requires no waxes, sealants or harsh cleaners, further supporting St. Marien Catholic Kindergarten’s commitment to high environmental and safety standards.

Schwöbel also observes that children now play on the floor more often – a sure sign of a comfortable and inviting environment for learning and active play, thanks to noraplan Iona’s appeal. Read the full project profile to see how nora is supporting a healthy and creative educational journey for all at St. Marien Catholic Kindergarten.