Colorful flooring stimulates creativity and learning at a science enrichment center for children.

Engaging children goes beyond books – a dynamic space can spark imagination and wonder. The Elementary Institute of Science in San Diego, CA, tells a unique story of inspired learning through bright flooring. The science enrichment facility nurtures the intellectual curiosity of more than 300 children between the ages of 7 and 13 with low-cost after-school programs in science, engineering and computer science.

Enrichment Center Hall

From the artwork to the flooring, the space is lively and colorful. Administrators sought to set their facility apart by infusing it with bursts of color. But they also wanted products that provided the durability and low-maintenance requirements required of a busy education facility.

Enrichment Center Bees

“It was important to us that instructional areas not look like typical classrooms and the facility not resemble a school,” says Doris Anderson, executive director of the facility.

Enrichment Center Desk

The Institute chose norament® lago and norament® hammered rubber flooring for the lobby, corridors, stairways and labs of the learning center. The flooring’s durability and slip resistance ensure ease of maintenance for staff and safety for all who use the learning center, while the sound-absorbing properties help students communicate effectively and without distraction. The bright, engaging color range of norament® complements a creative atmosphere for children to explore the limits of their imagination.

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