The mission of Advanced Polymers, Inc. is to provide customers with innovative and superior products and services that consistently exceed expectations – so it’s no surprise that their building is nothing short of state-of-the-art. The Salem, NH, facility provides products and components used to manufacture minimally invasive medical devices, such as medical balloons and catheter tubes. When moving to a brand new facility, the company looked to rubber flooring to create a low-maintenance workspace that aligned with their innovative goals.

Advanced Polymers, Inc. Solutions

At the recommendation of their contractor, president Mark Saab chose to use approximately 10,000 square feet of nora® flooring in the main hallway, balloon manufacturing room, balloon R&D lab, packaging area, quality control area, assembly, cutting and inspection departments and gowning room. Along with its low-maintenance regimen (important in sensitive areas like cleanrooms) the flooring has provided additional comfort underfoot and a sustained appearance that is attractive to both customers and employees.

Advanced Polymers, Inc. Solutions 2

The ease of maintenance presented by floors has had resounding benefits for the lab space. “You really don’t want to wax floors in a cleanroom, because…you create a lot of dust and debris when stripping them,” says Saab. Additionally, workers achieve greater workspace flexibility and fewer interruptions with maintenance efficiency.

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