Hospital’s patient-centered philosophy is supported throughout, down to their flooring choice.

Slidell Memorial Hospital is a community-based facility in metropolitan New Orleans whose “feel better faster” philosophy helps patients heal and get on their way home as quickly as possible. To support this philosophy, they selected noraplan environcare™ premium rubber flooring from nora systems, Inc., as their floor covering.

The decision to use this resilient rubber flooring was based on a wide range of benefits to both patients and caregivers. “Installing nora is just all around the right thing to do to heal the patient,” says Jeffrey Singley, a hospital director with responsibility for environmental services. Hospital officials value nora flooring’s durability and sound-absorption. Staff members appreciate the comfort underfoot and the minimal maintenance required. And administrators believe the floor helps create a great first impression while cutting maintenance costs by 18 percent a year.

Slidell Memorial Hospital Station

“Floor finishes, stripping and waxing—it’s all a thing of the past,” Singley says. “There’s just no need for it anymore, not when you have this product.”

The nora® floors also help the hospital maintain mission-critical standards for hygiene. “One of the things that makes our flooring so wonderful is that we have flash coving that extends from the floor up the wall,” says Anita Becker, director of critical care services. “There are no corners or crevices for dirt and grime to get into.” Singley agrees, adding, “It is easy to clean, it is aesthetically pleasing and it is not breaking down.”

Slidell Memorial Hospital Hallway

The simple cleaning regimen also benefits patients. “Our patients are very sensitive in the ICU to smells and to sounds,” says Becker. “So, the fact that we don’t have to use heavy equipment to clean our floors or heavy chemicals to clean and strip them is a wonderful addition to the system.”

The absence of coatings and finishes also enhances the slip resistance, she says, adding, “Oftentimes, we are moving at a pace that requires us to move more quickly and respond promptly to our patients, without any hesitation due to a fear of falls, trips or slip hazards.”

Slidell Memorial Hospital Storage

Hospital staff members also appreciate the comfort that nora premium rubber flooring provides. “My caregivers are impacted by the flooring every day, every hour, every minute of every 12-hour shift they work,” Becker says. “They walk miles and miles in the course of a single day, so having a flooring system that supports them and provides comfort makes all the difference at the end of a 12-hour day or a 25-year career.”

Hospital leadership sees their new floor as a strategic investment, a key support for its patient-care objectives and a positive reflection of the facility and its staff. To learn more about how nora premium rubber flooring supports compassionate care and a patient-centered culture at Slidell Memorial Hospital, read the full project profile.