When it came time to construct a new Science Center at Central Oregon Community College (COCC), the institution had to consider not just durability, but sustainability as well. The center’s biology, chemistry and physical science labs needed a flooring to aid in resisting chemical spills, stand up to rolling loads, provide comfort underfoot and enhance a colorful interior design — all while supporting the school’s Earth Advantage Commercial certification.

College Science Center Stands up to Harsh Chemicals

The college turned to norament® grano to meet the building’s mission. The oldest two-year college in Oregon, COCC provides comprehensive college services to residents of its 10,000-square-mile district. Situated on the western edge of Bend, Oregon, the college’s 201-acre campus affords spectacular views of the nearby Cascade Mountains.

Central Oregon Community College outfitted their new Science Center with sustainable materials

At the core of the 45,000-square-foot Science Center are biology, chemistry and physical science labs that are connected to adjacent public hallways by large interior windows. With each of the labs color-coded to identify their affiliated department, it was critical for architects to find a floor covering with a color palette that complemented their colorful vision for the space. Most important was a facility that would hold up over time — particularly in the face of chemical spills and rolling loads and furniture that slide across the floor’s resilient surface.

“nora® flooring is…providing the stain resistance and durability students and staff require,” says Rick Hayes, project manager, Central Oregon Community College. The end result has been an attractive merger of durability, sustainability and design. Damage is significantly reduced thanks to the resilience offered by norament flooring. Floors of all colors stay looking vibrant thanks to the floor covering’s durable properties. And in turn, the product’s long life span helps meet campus sustainability goals.

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