Performance and function spotlighted in state-of-the-art athletic building.

Designing a sports arena takes a winning combination of performance and design. So when Alma High School officials began planning for a new multi-use arena, they sought building materials that offered a high degree of function and style.

The Alma, Arkansas, school knew they needed a floor that was versatile and low-maintenance enough to serve the needs of Airedale Arena, a 90,000-square-foot facility that houses Alma High School basketball.

Rubber Flooring Wins In Multi-Use Arena

Equipped with a roster of state-of-the-art performance features, the arena includes more than 3,000 chairback seats, additional retractable seating, a glassed-in hospitality suite, a concourse that also serves as an indoor track, full video production capabilities (including a television and scoreboard package), portable stage and stage production equipment, team and officials’ dressing rooms, weight and fitness rooms, dance and gymnastics studios, training facilities, an indoor batting cage, coaches’ offices, classrooms and a tornado shelter that doubles as a practice gym.

Rubber Flooring Wins In Multi-Use Arena

Over a year-long span of planning, school officials visited 42 different basketball facilities to gather ideas on the proposed arena. After careful evaluation, a flooring test in a local elementary school and the consideration of architect recommendations, school officials chose norament® grano for the 1/8-mile concourse behind the seating area, the promenade that leads visitors past the trophy case, the school store, concession areas and the arena seating area.

“nora® did what was necessary to give us products that met our diverse needs,” says David Woolly, deputy superintendent, Alma School District.

Rubber Flooring Wins In Multi-Use Arena

The floor coverings offer the high-performing combination of style and safety officials were seeking: enhanced durability to withstand heavy foot traffic, and ergonomic comfort for students and fans. The flooring’s no-slip surface offers safety to all those who walk through the arena’s doors. Additionally, no-wax floor maintenance saves time and money on cleaning tasks.

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