New flooring helps a forward-thinking elementary school balance sustainability, flexibility and technology.

Christa McAuliffe Elementary School in Concord, New Hampshire, is one of three new, futuristic elementary schools in the district designed for 21st century learning. The new facility replaces six aging buildings and accommodates about 480 students. As part of its visionary approach, the school put a focus on individualized learning and the various mediums and methods students consume information. Throughout the facility, norament® grano rubber flooring supports the school’s vision for an open and collaborative multi-use learning space.


As a community building, the elementary school serves as a meeting space for several programs in town, such as the Boys & Girls Club. It also had to help the district meet Northeast-CHPS sustainability standards. The durability, stain resistance and chemical-free maintenance of nora® flooring is proving beneficial for the school district. “It’s an easy-maintenance floor,” says Rusty Bonner, the school’s head custodian. “As a result, we can devote more time to cleaning alternate surfaces, such as glass.” The absence of fumes associated with cleaning solutions has had a positive impact on the well-being of maintenance staff, students, faculty and others who use the space.


“Rubber flooring was the ideal fit for our goal of creating collaborative and flexible learning spaces. The durability, comfort, sound absorption and chemical-free maintenance has been transformative for our staff and students,” says Matt Cashman, the school district’s director of facilities and planning.


Students and faculty benefit from rubber flooring’s acoustic qualities. Throughout the school’s open spaces, such as the amphitheater, circular story room and reading nooks, rubber flooring attenuates disruptive ambient noise – letting students focus on listening and learning.

The new school is re-imagining what the future of elementary learning will be. Read more about how nora helped Christa McAuliffe Elementary School successfully create a 21st century learning space.