Tribe breathes new life into an aging building.

Two years ago, the Puyallup Tribe’s Community/Youth Center in Fife, WA, was a dilapidated yellow structure with unattractive ductwork and wiring running across its exterior. Some suggested that the building be demolished, but tribe members decided to do an inside-and-out restoration.

The renovation doubled the amount of usable area, including a new gymnasium, canoe house, plaza and main building, which features a commercial kitchen and offices.

Puyallup Tribal Community Youth Center Floor

The focal point was a large room where community members gather for youth activities, meetings, weddings, funerals and other cultural events. Project architect Capital Architects, Inc. recognized it as the key to making the building special. So, they specified a unique, basket-weave design for the flooring, with colors and textures uniquely attuned to tribal culture.

Puyallup Tribal Community Youth Center Fireplace

They completed the look with norament® serra, giving the space a warm, inviting feeling that pays tribute to the rich heritage of the Puyallup Tribe. They also cited the floor’s ability to withstand a constant barrage of spilled food and drinks, chairs and tables dragged across its surface, and the footsteps of hundreds of individuals who use the facility each week.

Best of all, the rubber floor’s acoustic properties help foster the solemn atmosphere the tribe was seeking for the sacred events hosted in the gathering space. Tribal leaders also appreciate the simple cleaning regimen that enables them to keep the floor looking its best, even with a full calendar.

Puyallup Tribal Community Youth Center Tables

For a community facility that’s used heavily, the project delivers the unique combination of form and function, style and substance that epitomizes great design. For a more in-depth look at the process the Puyallup Tribe’s Community/Youth Center used to reach its positive outcome, go to the full project profile.