The University of Tennessee Medical Center has more than just a reputation to maintain. Providing neonatal care since 1970, the Tom and Katherine Black Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) cares for 800 babies and 450 mothers annually. And following a multi-million dollar renovation, the hospital became only one of two in the state of Tennessee to feature a NICU that offers private rooms — and one of only a handful nationwide.

Promoting a Peaceful NICU Environment

A peaceful, noise-free environment was of primary concern when the care unit sought to renovate. They needed to develop a flooring solution for the NICU that would contribute to a healthy, quiet environment and not disturb the newborn babies, keeping their hospital stay to a minimum. “Noise was such a problem for babies in our previous space. Now, the staff can move around with a low level of noise,” says Heather King, interior designer at University of Tennessee Medical Center.

Rubber flooring controls noise in the Tom and Katherine Black Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

To create this environment for newborns, Medical Center officials installed noraplan environcare™ as part of the NICU renovation. The end result is a calming atmosphere that reduces noise levels and improves air quality, instilling a high degree of comfort for babies and their families. As an added benefit, staff members love the flooring — not only because it looks great and greatly reduces noise levels, but also because the floor never needs waxing, making it much easier to maintain.

Fewer chemicals in the maintenance regimen eliminates disruptive odors to help maintain a safe, healthy environment for both patients and staff. And Low VOC emissions promote healthy indoor air quality for the most sensitive patients housed within the NICU.

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