The power of steam cleaning, delivered in a quiet, compact package.

For hospitals, maintaining regular cleaning regimens without disrupting patient care is a top concern. Every day, healthcare facilities face the challenge of keeping flooring and other surfaces free of harmful pathogens and microorganisms that can lead to infection. Cleanliness in the patient room and other spaces has a direct impact on every patient’s health, well-being and overall confidence in the healthcare setting.

nora pro steam action

To address these concerns, hospitals are putting more resources toward improving cleaning protocols to reduce healthcare-associated infection. Typically, maintenance personnel rely on mops, surface disinfectants or microfiber in their daily cleaning regimens. But mops or cloths aren’t entirely effective in removing residue and microorganisms from surfaces. Microfiber is naturally electrostatic, making it suitable for inaccessible areas where dirt can cling to the fiber, but it’s not designed to effectively clean the floor by itself. Most cleaning procedures cannot be carried out in an occupied patient room because of the noisy equipment in combination with the odor of cleaning chemicals.

Understanding the need for a simpler, more reliable cleaning regimen, nora® recently introduced a solution that helps hospitals minimize infection – improving patient safety and satisfaction. The new nora® pro steamer delivers the quiet, non-disruptive cleaning power of steam to every healthcare space.

nora pro steam gurney

The nora pro steamer’s deep cleaning capabilities come from superheated dry steam that uses a microfiber pad or nora’s new pro steamer cleaning pad. It runs on water alone, so there are no disruptive odors or VOCs from solvents to interfere with patient care, even in occupied spaces.

Patients and staff also benefit from the improved indoor air quality. The quiet and compact nora pro steamer cleans smaller and hard-to-reach spaces and covers more ground, encouraging more regular cleaning routines for enhanced infection control.

The nora pro steamer gives hospitals a much more efficient way to maintain a cleaner, safer and more enjoyable space for all. See more about how nora is helping healthcare facilities improve patient safety and contribute to healing environments here.