Dimensional detail of new norament® arago creates a sophisticated calm in busy spaces.

From the topographical relief of mountain peaks to the exposed stonework of today’s contemporary spaces, the organic texture and earthy colors of new norament® arago offer calm in every environment. Aesthetically elevate your building’s busiest spaces, such as corridors and entryways, while supporting these heavily trafficked areas with a resilient material designed to endure.

Timeless, durable flooring for busy environments.

Public spaces are centers of activity and must tackle the challenge of offering a striking first impression while also meeting the demands of daily use. The flowing marbled strata and rich palette of norament arago marry seamlessly with unrivaled sound absorption and ergonomic comfort, offering tranquility with every step. Its durable surface cleans easily with little more than water, while its wear-resistant structure stands up to heavy foot and rolling traffic. The floor’s textured matte surface also eliminates distracting glare, creating a clear and open landscape for every interior.

Discover the harmonious appeal of elemental texture.

Envisioned for a variety of busy spaces from building entrances to boardrooms, this unique floor unites beauty with performance for public buildings, educational environments, healthcare facilities and beyond.

norament arago brings tranquility to the built environment.

The layered, geologic forms of norament arago are an essential component of contemporary design. See for yourself how norament arago offers architectural inspiration for every space.