Premium rubber flooring enhances learning with multiple performance benefits.

It’s no secret that school districts face ever-tightening budgets, impacting everything from staff, student support services and extracurricular activities to construction projects, renovation plans and building finishes and furnishings. As administrators make purchasing decisions in this environment, nora® premium rubber flooring continues to be a wise investment, offering options that meet even the tightest budgets.

That’s because nora flooring brings numerous benefits to a K-12 setting, beginning with a life cycle that spans several decades and a simple maintenance regimen that requires little more than a mop and tap water. Just ask Steve Clifford, director of facilities at Howe Manning Elementary School in Middleton, MA, where norament® grano covers entryways, corridors, classrooms, the cafeteria and stairwells.

K-12 Cafeteria

“I was interested in the longevity and lower maintenance life-cycle costs of a rubber floor,” he says. “We clean the floors with basically ionized water. There are no chemicals, detergents or soap used. So that adds to the lower cost footprint.”

Clifford also appreciates the time savings associated with reduced maintenance. “We’re reallocating our labor force to various things, including glass, vacuuming and other maintenance activities.”

At Christa McAuliffe Elementary School in Concord, NH, norament grano supported the school’s flexible floorplan. “Rubber flooring was the ideal fit for our goal of creating collaborative and flexible learning spaces,” says Matt Cashman, director of facilities and planning at Concord School District. “The durability and increased stain resistance—without the use of chemical cleaners or coatings—is a huge benefit realized by our district when compared to our previous dealing with VCT.”

K-12 Hallway

Rusty Bonner, head custodian, adds, “The elimination of coatings and chemicals has been a breath of fresh air, literally.” The absence of fumes often associated with the application of these substances has positively impacted the indoor air quality and the well-being of the maintenance staff, as well as students and teachers.

Additionally, open project areas throughout the school, including an amphitheater, circular story room, reading nooks and spaces for small group work, benefit from the floor’s ability to attenuate unwanted ambient noise. Students and staff can better focus on listening and learning.

Rubber flooring offers these additional benefits in a K-12 environment:

  • Repels dirt and resists staining thanks to its dense, homogenous surface.
  • Stands up to chemical and other liquid spills without absorbing them, which is especially important in cafeterias, art rooms and science labs.
  • Does not require stripping, recoating or the application of sealants, which means large areas of a facility do not need to be closed while coatings and sealants are applied and allowed to dry.
  • Provides slip resistance in compliance with OSHA regulations.
  • Resilient surface eases the stress of walking and standing, which is especially important to teachers who spend long hours on their feet.
  • Resiliency also makes it easier to move equipment and furniture across the floor without leaving scuff marks or indentations that will mar its appearance.
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria, promoting health and safety in schools by helping to prevent infections.
  • Provides an opportunity to incorporate wayfinding in hallways, as well as school mascots, logos and educational tools.
  • Supports sustainability goals as a sustainable material that taps into renewable natural rubber, extracted from tropical rubber trees.
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low VOC emissions.

K-12 Classroom

It’s easy to see how these performance benefits enhance the learning environment. Add to them the variety of textures, colors and patterns the floor offers in options that fit any budget, and it becomes clear that rubber flooring is ideally suited to meet the demands of elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.

See how nora premium rubber flooring supports an environment conducive to learning.