Patient and family input guides new Nemours expansion.

It’s not often that patients and their families get to weigh in on the design of the hospital they receive treatment from. But thanks to a recent 450,000-square-foot expansion at Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital, the concept of a family-oriented environment was truly realized.

Designed by Families, For Families

“It’s just as important for us to treat the family as it is to treat the child,” says Kay Holbrook, associate administrator at the Wilmington, Delaware, hospital. With this doctrine at the heart of the expansion project, the hospital went to great lengths to gather patient and family input and relied on input for every decision. “The whole impetus for this project was to improve the family’s experience,” adds Colleen Davis, director of special projects.

Mock-ups of various rooms were provided for patients and their families to evaluate. “We were able to provide a mock-up of the different rooms and have families and kids come and try out everything — push the buttons, jump on the furniture, lay on the different beds and really tell us what they thought, right down to colors, materials and fabrics,” explains Davis.

Designed by Families, For Families

While patients had a say on the aesthetics, architects and planners were drawn to nora® flooring for its ability to meet strict healthcare requirements.

“From an infection control standpoint, the single flooring tiles can be heat-welded, so there are no cracks or crevasses that bacteria can get into and contribute to an unsafe environment,” offers Davis. “Overall, nora was the best choice for our hospital.” Ease of maintenance also plays a crucial role in the full-occupancy hospital. The elimination of strip and wax processes helps create a less disruptive environment for patients to heal.

“We are very proud of this hospital. When you walk in the front door, you can just feel the difference, and nora flooring has really been a part of that,” says Davis.

Designed by Families, For Families

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