Rubber flooring also gets great lab results on durability and performance.

Luminex Corporation recently expanded its headquarters in Austin, TX, to accommodate its rapid growth. The company was moving the marketing and technical operations groups into 20,000 square feet of renovated office space on the Luminex campus. One of the nation’s leading biotechnology companies, Luminex develops, manufactures and markets innovative biological testing technologies with applications throughout the diagnostic and life-science industries.

Luminex Office Area

As plans for the new space at Luminex took shape, facility officials made a conscious decision to use high-performance rubber flooring materials to support the company’s sustainability efforts and initiatives. Their additional flooring challenges included:

  • Scuffs and stains caused by frequent heavy rolling loads and forklift traffic
  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Elimination of wax and other chemicals from the maintenance regimen

The project architect, Studio 8 Architects of Austin, TX, recommended norament® grano. In addition to the floor covering’s durability, electrostatic dissipative properties and minimal maintenance requirements, facility managers liked its unique ability to maximize workplace efficiency and safety in a laboratory setting.

Luminex Desk Area

“We know (the flooring) will last, and it supports our goal to create a sustainable work environment that increases performance,” says Kendel Martin, Director of Financial Reporting and Facilities, Luminex Corporation.

Luminex More Desk Area

The decision to use sustainable nora rubber flooring resulted in a winning situation on multiple levels, meeting the company’s environmental policy while also achieving important performance benefits. To learn how Luminex also optimized protection against electrostatic discharge, simplified maintenance and improved durability, check out the full project profile.