A busy campus rec center doesn’t slow down for active students or routine upkeep, with nora flooring underfoot.

Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, boasts a vast recreational services department that offers programming and intramural activities for students, faculty, staff and community members alike. The department includes a sports complex, an ice arena and the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC), which provides intramural and aquatics programs; outdoor basketball, tennis and volleyball courts; an indoor track; a climbing wall; and a full schedule of fitness, dance and other classes.

The large number of participants in recreational programming dictated a need for durable building products that would maintain their appearance and could be cleaned efficiently. When the ice arena was originally built, Kent State installed norament® grano 992 around the rink to prevent skates from puncturing the floors. Impressed with how the flooring has held up in the ice arena, administrators are now replacing the carpeting in the ice arena’s offices with nora. Using the chemical-free nora® pro clean system on the existing floor helps them create a consistent look between the older and newer floor installations.

In the SRWC, nora was installed in the free weights section, with school officials citing its durability and low maintenance as a key factor in helping keep the busy facility running smoothly. Since replacing carpeting under the cardio equipment with nora, the custodial staff saves even more time and effort on maintenance.

In addition to the simplified cleaning regimen, the flooring’s natural resiliency resists scuffs and gouges from equipment and helps the facility retain its attractive appearance, even with constant foot traffic.

The addition of nora flooring in Kent State’s recreational facilities helps keep it a vibrant, attractive place for all who use the space. See how premium nora flooring contributes to safe and continual student recreation in the full project profile.