At this pediatric medical facility in Mesa, Arizona, children recuperate in a soothing environment enhanced by nora® flooring.

The centerpiece of a $356 million expansion project at Banner Desert Medical Center, the new Cardon Children’s Medical Center is dedicated to providing young patients and their families with the comforts of home in a medical setting. Every patient floor in this 464,000-square-foot, seven-story facility includes a playroom, nourishment center, toy closet, age-appropriate artwork and a quiet room for parents. Central to these amenities of comfort was the selection of nora® flooring.

Cardon Childrens' Medical Center Hallway

The initial plan called for installing vinyl composite tile. Knowing that nora rubber flooring was better suited for the project’s maintenance, acoustic and low VOC requirements, Banner officials worked to change the specifications. As a result, designers turned to noraplan environcare™, norament® serra and norament® grano in the new children’s hospital facility.

Cardon Children's Medical Center Wall

The new low-maintenance floor results in less labor-intensive care, a necessity in a busy pediatric setting. Improved indoor air quality and a healthier atmosphere aid speedier healing. “The flooring…cuts down on maintenance costs and improves indoor air quality,” notes Randy Bierbaum, the project executive for Banner Health.

Cardon Childrens' Medical Center Cafeteria

Patients, parents and caretakers all appreciate the quieter surroundings that come from rubber flooring’s enhanced acoustics. The result is a sense of calm that prevails in Cardon Children’s Medical Center, allowing all who use the space to focus on the young patients who need it most. See how quiet, low-maintenance rubber flooring plays a role in pediatric recuperation in the full project profile.