Ease of maintenance helps the staff save time in the life-saving environment of Good Samaritan Hospital’s new heart center.

Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney, NE, is a 268-bed regional referral center serving 350,000 residents of central Nebraska and northern Kansas. The center boasts the state’s first accredited Chest Pain Center, a Level II trauma center and emergency helicopter transport, and a nationally accredited cancer center, among its many services. The hospital’s newest addition features a new heart center, along with the relocated operating suite and emergency department.


When it came time to outfit the new area with hygienic materials, a committee of various hospital personnel was charged with setting standards for sustainability, maintenance, design and performance. After consulting with other healthcare facilities and testing samples, the committee chose to install noraplan environcare™ throughout the new space.

“I did some testing of floor samples, and the results made it easy to choose nora®,” said Sue Worthing, the hospital’s manager of environmental and linen services. The committee was impressed by how the flooring resisted chemical staining, a requisite for the new addition. Personnel were interested in the flooring’s ease of maintenance and the anticipated time and cost savings.


The noraplan® flooring delivers a clean, consistent look throughout this highly sensitive area, another draw for hospital administrators who had to address specific hygiene needs. For instance, by installing darker colored flooring beneath operating beds, medical staff can quickly locate and remove any surgical instruments dropped on the floor. Another plus is that Betadine and other antiseptic stains clean up easily so there’s no impact on the flooring’s appearance.


Response to the new flooring has been positive, with employees appreciating the low-maintenance regimen. The environmental services staff can repair scratches and blemishes, minimizing replacement issues and life cycle costs. And the maintenance team benefits from the increased time and cost savings, because they now only need to use an auto scrubber machine nightly to maintain the cleanliness of the new space.

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