For recuperating patients and busy staff, nora® rubber flooring delivers comfort with a soothing appearance.

Building Hope is the newly opened, nine-story tower at Seattle Children’s Hospital. This new addition, part of the hospital’s broader expansion, houses a cancer center, ED, ICU and CICU. Administrators were keen to create a home-like environment that could also be maintained easily. They were already familiar with rubber flooring’s durability and resiliency in the hospital’s affiliated urgent-care center. This, along with their maintenance and durability needs, led to the selection of noraplan environcare™ for patient rooms, nursing stations, lounges and treatment rooms in the addition.

Seattle Children's Hospital Wall

The Building Hope tower is a busy facility, with nurses and other staff constantly on the move and spaces frequently occupied. The hospital needed to address how to keep the floors clean with minimal disruption. “ICU rooms are never empty – how do you get in there and clean those floors, and do it right?” asked Heidi Dunbar, director of environmental services for Seattle Children’s Hospital, concluding that “nora allows the least amount of maintenance necessary, and the floors stay nicer for much longer.”

Seattle Children's Hospital Station

Thanks to a simple maintenance regimen, the floor retains a clean surface and fresh appearance, enhancing a soothing atmosphere for young patients. The flooring also feels good to staff, who have noted the extra cushion and comfort underfoot.

Seattle Children's Hospital Hall

The addition of nora flooring in the Building Hope facility supports a healthy, pleasing environment as the hospital achieves a Certified LEED Gold status. Find out how rubber flooring contributes to comfort with simplified upkeep in the full project profile.