nora® nTx allows renovations without disruption.

When the team from Marschalek specialist painters was planning the flooring replacement at the “Glück Auf” Nursing and Care Center in the Mansfeld-Südharz district in Germany, a speedy installation was the top priority.

“I cannot possibly allow wards to be shut for renovation work,” says Petra Günther, director at “Glück Auf” (which roughly translates as “good luck”). Around 50 employees care for the current 68 residents in the small facility, which prides itself on its informal atmosphere.

“Glück Auf” Nursing Home Floor Room

With the new nora® nTx rapid installation solution from nora systems, Inc., the flooring in the day room and corridors of the facility was renovated in the shortest possible time. There was no dirt, no noise and, above all, no disturbance for the residents.

The team from Marschalek specialist painters installed the noraplan® sentica rubber flooring directly on top of the old PVC covering. They prepared the subsurface with the nora nTx sanding disc, applied the primer and briefly sanded it. Then, they applied the self-adhesive floor covering with a roller. And, other than the 90 minutes for the primer to dry, the floors were accessible the whole time. Best of all, there were no odors.

“Glück Auf” Nursing Home Floor Table

“We were able to walk on the flooring immediately after installation, and the residents’ daily routine was not affected,” Günther said.
The facility was also pleased with the cleaning regimen, which allows the highest levels of hygiene with a minimum of effort.

“Refurbishing the flooring with nora nTx took just two days instead of a week and a half,” installer Steffen Marschalek said. “Moreover, the work was no more expensive for the home than a classic installation.”

“Glück Auf” Nursing Home Exterior

nora nTx is ideal for refurbishment projects like a nursing facility, where quick renovation and unrestricted access is required. The odor-free installation and easy maintenance are added benefits. For more information on the range of benefits the project delivered, go to the full project profile.