Flooring lays the groundwork for the vivid experience designers were seeking.

Germans take their football seriously. So when the German Football Association foundation created a museum to immortalize key moments in the sport’s history, it wanted an emotionally appealing, vivid experience that visitors would find memorable.

HPP Architects of Düsseldorf, who won a competition to design the facility, worked with TRIAD Berlin to create a multimedia experience with over 1,600 exhibits, featuring powerful colors, dynamically curving inlays and attractive eyecatchers in all exhibition areas. The floors were an important element in that design.

“A successful overall concept takes shape from the perfect interaction of each spatial component, and the design of the floors was an essential factor here,” said architect Frank Ophoff of TRIAD Berlin.

German Football Museum Exhibit 1

Designers decided in favor of nora® rubber floorings for the exhibit area, including 38,000 square feet of noraplan® stone, 2,200 square feet of noraplan® sentica and 3,200 square feet of noraplan® uni.

“The color palette matched our ideas perfectly,” added Michael Kesseler, the association’s managing director.

But color wasn’t the only factor influencing their decision.

German Football Museum Exhibit 2

The designers were especially impressed that the flooring could be installed without joint sealing, giving them the opportunity to use dramatic inlays for the various exhibit areas. They also liked the fact that the rubber surface does not cast irritating reflections. And they were impressed by the durability of the flooring.

“The flooring had been installed while building work was still in progress, and it survived the stress in excellent condition,” Ophoff said. Presenting an extremely dense and wear-resistant surface, nora floor coverings are the perfect choice for buildings frequented by a large number of people, and, because they do not need coatings, they can be easily cleaned at little cost.

The association also liked the way the floors reduce footfall noise, creating a pleasant ambiance.

German Football Museum Exhibit 3

“The good acoustic properties of the floor covering are hugely important when we consider the numerous media installations and the high-ceilinged rooms,” Kesseler added.

Premium rubber flooring proved to be a winning combination of design and function for the German Football Museum. For more information on how the floors met all project requirements, both aesthetic and practical, see the full article.