Ergonomic benefit was reason enough to install nora® flooring at Forest Hill Rehab and Skilled Nursing Center. But the Fort Kent, Maine, rehabilitation center and skilled nursing facility saw more than just improvements to comfort underfoot when they made the switch to rubber flooring. Durability, ease of maintenance, improved air quality and increased safety for patients were among the many benefits offered by the resilient flooring.

Healing environments

A department of nearby Northern Maine Medical Center, Forest Hill employs nearly 80 people, providing an individually tailored program of care for each patient. Physical, occupational and speech therapy are available on-site six days per week for patients in need of rehabilitation.

Forest Hill Nursing Center Flooring

Recently, the facility added ten patient rooms, a nurses’ station, a dining room and bathrooms to the facility. At the advice of an architect, Forest Hill administrators elected to install nora flooring in these spaces for a more durable, comfortable floor covering.

Forest Hill Skilled Nursing center

Staff has noticed a difference, noting a more comfortable experience and less fatigue to help them perform during long shifts. “The staff has reported that this flooring is better for them, less tiring on their feet and their backs,” says Lynn Beaulieu, administrator. The flooring increases rehabilitant patient comfort and safety as well, with resilient and slip-resistant features to provide stability when walking unassisted. And the use of fewer chemicals needed during cleaning contributes to better indoor air quality to promote a healthier healing environment for patients.

As an added benefit, the floor covering’s stain-resistant and durable properties allow for rolling equipment to be moved about with ease, leaving no scuff marks or indentations on the floor covering. All benefits combined, the use of nora flooring at Forest Hill creates and promotes a comfortable, patient-focused facility that will maintain beautifully for years to come.

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