Math and science center is furnished with flooring that stands up to stains.

The jewel of Nazareth College, Peckham Hall is home to 74,000 square feet of classrooms, lecture rooms, collaboration spaces, 20 labs, two green roof gardens, a greenhouse and approximately 24,000 square feet of nora flooring, selected for its durability and resistance to staining. Staff and students also appreciate the comfort it offers during long lab periods on their feet and the acoustical benefits for lectures and collaborative discussions.

Peckham Hall Labs Hallway

When administrators at Nazareth College sat down with designers to discuss interior finishes for Peckham Hall, home of the Integrated Center for Math and Science, they knew they wanted rubber flooring in labs, corridors, classrooms and stairwells. They selected noraplan environcare™, which offered a number of important benefits, beginning with a tough surface that resists damage caused by foot traffic, moving furniture and heavy equipment and the staining often associated with chemicals and other materials used in laboratories.

Peckham Hall Labs Stairwell

“nora flooring stands up to the staining and chemical spills that happen frequently in a lab setting,” says Michael LaPoint, Director of Renovation and Construction Services, Nazareth College.

Peckham Hall Labs

The flooring also offers a simplified cleaning regimen, making it easier and less time consuming for the housekeeping staff to maintain floors in a three-story building that sees constant activity on all three levels. Students and staff enjoy added comfort while working on their feet, as well as a quieter environment, which is conducive to studying and discussion.

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