New rubber flooring helps boost student pride and brings a high school into the 21st century.

Columbia High School in Decatur, Georgia, serves 1,400 students in DeKalb County. Recent renovations over a three-year period were designed to bring the 40-year-old building into the 21st century. The modernized facility now meets economic, performance and sustainability standards – and instills a sense of school pride.

Columbia HS Lockers

To help meet DeKalb County’s design standards, school officials implemented a floor plan that included noraplan® eco and noraplan® logic. In the school’s renovated Third Hall, the school’s mascot – a blue and orange eagle – was incorporated into the flooring. The waterjet-cut design seems to soar down the hallways in the new career technology center, helping to brighten the space. In the auditorium lobby, nora® flooring supports foot traffic from the 1,000+ students and staff, while in the weight room, impact-resistant norament® grano 922 provides extra thickness to withstand dropped weights.

Columbia HS Hallway

The finish-free flooring is saving the custodial staff considerable time, thanks to the no-wax maintenance regimen. “Cleaning is simple, saving time and reducing the amount of money spent on maintenance products,” says Cammie Neil, assistant principal. Teachers also notice the way nora is helping to improve their job. Rubber flooring limits noise impact, especially in the busy Third Hall, so students can stay focused. The teaching and support staff also appreciates the extra cushion and underfoot comfort that supports teachers who stand throughout the day.

Columbia HS Weight Room

The enhanced durability provided by nora fits in with building’s modern design and utility, and Columbia High School’s long-term approach to planning for the 21st century. See how nora is bolstering performance and school pride in the full project profile.