Global tech company turns to electrostatic dissipative (ESD) flooring for their most sensitive operations.

Safety is paramount in industrial facilities – so when a major global instrument and software technology company opened a new production center, they turned to materials with a proven track record for safety around sensitive electronic machines.

Electrostatic Flooring Keeps Tech-Sensitive Facility Safe

The European-based tech company recently opened a new 48,000-square-foot space in North America that houses clean rooms, gowning rooms and assembly lines, as well as testing, production, common and office spaces. They needed to find flooring that offered safe, aesthetically pleasing design that was flexible enough to outfit each of these diverse areas. Having previously turned to nora® flooring in their established European offices, the tech-centered company sought to outfit the new North American industrial facility with the same safe, electrostatic dissipative flooring.


“Static control was our foremost concern when selecting a floor, and the inherent properties of nora rubber inhibit the buildup of static,” stated the company spokesperson.

If electrostatic charges are not dissipated in a controlled way, they can cause failures of electronic equipment and indication errors in sensitive measuring devices. The ESD properties of nora rubber flooring help safeguard rooms where measurements are made or electronic equipment is being used.

Electrostatic Flooring Keeps Tech-Sensitive Facility Safe

Building officials turned to noraplan® sentica ed, noraplan® sentica and noraplan® mega ed to outfit more than 20,000 square feet of the new center. The flexible floor covering also provided a simplified maintenance routine, making it the ideal choice for not only technical areas, but more public-facing areas such as the operations office.

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