Floor delivers on its promise, school officials say.

When officials at Milford High School in Highland, MI, first began considering a replacement for the cracked and aging linoleum tiles in their front hallway, they wanted some idea of how a new floor covering would hold up. The school welcomes 1,250 students and countless visitors every day, so the flooring takes a beating.

“When the product was first presented to us, we wanted to give it a test drive,” Milford Principal Kevin McKenna said. “So we installed it in a couple office areas to see what it would look like and how it would stand up to wear and tear.”

They eventually installed norament® grano premium rubber flooring in the front hallway—about one eighth of a mile—and in a few other corridors, the attendance and health offices, staff lounge and copy areas.

“Everything about it appealed to us,” McKenna said. “First, we found we could clean the floor with just soap and water and retain its sheen without applying any finish or coating. That was huge because this school is in use all the time, which often leaves little time for maintenance. Its durability is also worth noting, along with its design, which features colors that run deep into the flooring, not just on its surface. Without a doubt, this floor looks much, much better than what we replaced.”

And school officials were also pleased with the service the school received after the installation when an outside group rented the facility and damaged the flooring. With a little bit of help from nora®, they were able to repair the problem.

“The customer service piece we recently experienced is huge, and the floor itself has been tremendous in the ways it has delivered on everything we were promised,” McKenna said. “This is a product that stands up to a lot of foot traffic each day and still looks great, is much easier to maintain than the floor it replaced and has eliminated a lot of the echoing and noise in our hallway. It also provides some nice ‘lipstick’ to an older building, making the whole school feel brighter and newer. There’s no doubt in my mind this is a great product I would recommend to anyone.”

From making a great first impression to simplifying maintenance and reducing noise, the new flooring materials have received high marks from Milford’s administrators and staff. To learn more about the school’s unique success story with nora premium rubber flooring, read the full project profile.