How do you test the effectiveness of a newly constructed space? For starters, see how it stands the test of time. Children’s of Alabama, the third largest pediatric hospital in the country, completed a new 760,000-square-foot addition two years ago. Ease of maintenance, acoustics and durability were top priorities. The addition has proven to be so successful that it is now the standard for ongoing renovations in older, existing buildings that comprise the hospital campus.


Among the standard-setting aspects of the children’s hospital is the choice of flooring. The hospital anticipated reduced maintenance with their selection of nora flooring, but they have been pleasantly surprised by the increased savings associated with reduced man-hours and costs over time. “The big deal is that the flooring is no-wax. Our existing facility has a lot of wax byproduct that would end up in our sewer drains, which causes buildups and backups within the facility,” explains David Cantrell, director of engineering/facilities.


Two years later, the facility still promotes a patient-centered, healing environment that looks brand new. “We still get compliments two years after we’ve opened…of how much the design has ‘helped my child feel better,” says Kermilia Moorer-Whitehead, RN. “The colors are still as vibrant. We see thousands of people throughout our facilities every day, and the floor has maintained perfectly,” adds Denise Dexter, facilities design director.

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