While many classrooms establish themes to help immerse students in their learning environments, Chickasaw Nation Child Development Center takes the model one step further. The new 26,700-square-foot Chickasaw Nation Center needed a floor that could keep up with its goal: to create a community of familiarity that portrays a healthy and comfortable place for developing children.

Chickasaw Child Development Center

Establishing consistency in the look and feel of the new center was a top priority for the administrators and project coordinator. To achieve continuity, they chose a combination of nora® flooring for 17 classrooms and two large indoor play areas. The properties of nora floor coverings perfectly suit the facility. The flooring’s low-maintenance requirements and naturally bacteriostatic surface help keep the facility clean and healthy, which is of particular importance for children who are constantly in close contact with the floor. Underfoot comfort provides a softer touch for both students and staff standing on their feet.

Chickasaw Child Development Center

The child development center models its classrooms, restrooms, play areas, offices and infirmary after buildings familiar to children, such as the fire station, post office, flower shop and candy stores. Hallways bear street names, and walls are decorated with murals that depict popular nursery rhymes, including “Jack and Jill,” “Little Miss Muffet” and “The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe.”

The end result is a comforting facility that appeals to the children who attend the school every day. “Parents know that their children are in a safe, nurturing environment,” says Lisa John, Administrator—Division of Education at Chickasaw Nation.

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