Students and teachers stay focused with premium nora® flooring underfoot.

Boone County Schools in northern Kentucky recently completed five construction projects, including renovations at Ockerman Middle School and Elementary School, Chester Goodridge Elementary School, Larry A. Ryle High School, and new construction at Camp Ernst Middle School. Although each building presented challenges unique to the ages of the students it serves, the architect and school system chose nora for all five facilities.

Boone County Schools Cafeteria

Before installing 350,000 feet of flooring, Michael Hibbett, assistant superintendent of operations for the school system, identified several key needs. He sought a product that would eliminate wax and all the maintenance requirements that come with it, to save costs for the school system. Life cycle costs down the road were a consideration for such a significant renovation project. Flooring needed to withstand the foot traffic of the more than 1,500 students throughout the five schools. And acoustics were also a concern. “I wanted a floor covering that would address the noise factor,” says Hibbett.

Boone County Schools Floor

The school system selected norament® grano, norament® eco and norament® lago for classrooms, corridors, cafeteria and other areas of the five schools. Hibbett is pleased with how the flooring performs as it keeps its fresh appearance. Teachers and students are experiencing more productivity and less fatigue throughout the school day, owing to the cushioned surface. The quiet atmosphere promotes concentration, and there’s no longer any concern about disruption from excess noise or fumes from cleaning.

Boone County Schools Classroom

It’s not only students and staff who are feeling the positive effects of rubber flooring. The school system is seeing the savings, as the streamlined maintenance is reducing costs. Based on how well the flooring is serving the schools and the students, Hibbett is confident he’ll specify nora products for any future work that is done. Learn more about the ways nora is enhancing the learning environment throughout Boone County Schools in the full project profile.