Students at University of New Haven exercise in comfort and safety with nora® flooring underfoot.

The Beckerman Recreation Center, at the University of New Haven, is a 56,000-square-foot facility that provides a fitness respite for the school’s 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Since it opened, the recreation center has developed a reputation as a “crown jewel” of the West Haven, Connecticut, campus.

Beckerman Stairs

During the planning, university officials and architects sought to create a facility that offered a variety of fitness options, but could also stand up to heavy traffic. In the fitness space housing electrical exercise equipment, resistance machines and free weights, the university turned to norament® strada for its ability to withstand foot traffic and wear.

Beckerman Bikes

The flooring has consistently resisted gouges and indentations from heavy free weights. “I haven’t seen any of [the typical wear and tear] with the new nora floor covering. It still looks new,” says Mike Schneider, the university’s director of campus recreation. Another plus is the flooring’s low maintenance requirements, essential to a facility that’s open day and night, seven days a week.

Beckerman Treadmills

The benefits go beyond appearance, as the flooring supports student safety and comfort. Students can work out with assuredness, thanks to the slip-resistant surface. They can also stay focused on their fitness and training goals without the distraction of noisy electrical exercise equipment and machines, a result of the flooring’s excellent acoustic and sound-absorbing properties.

The Beckerman Recreation Center is providing students a first-rate environment for exercise and wellness that will stand the test of time. See how nora premium rubber flooring contributes to student safety and comfort with minimal upkeep in the full project profile.