School embraces performance features of nora® flooring.

Opened last summer, Arcadia Preparatory School, located in Dubai’s Jumeirah Village, enrolls children from preschool to sixth grade. The state-of-the-art, purpose-built school is striving to be one of the leading primary schools in the region and one of the eco-friendliest, prompting a range of green building initiatives that impact the construction and operation of its school premises.

Arcadia Preparatory School Library

“The importance of sustainability – whether it’s recycling, reducing CO2 emissions, using energy-efficient fans and lighting, or efficient water usage – is vitally important to instill within the young generation, since they are the future guardians of the planet,” says Navin Valrani, CEO of the school. “By pursuing the stringent LEED accreditation process we are committing ourselves not only to positive climate change, but also to the well-being of our children, staff and wider community.”

Because the school was planned as a LEED project, administrators carefully selected building materials and finishes that would support sustainability goals. This conscientious selection process led them to nora premium rubber flooring.

“It is the one product we truly believe makes an impact on the day-to-day lives of our children, because they walk on this flooring every day, says Valrani. “It’s anti-slip. It’s very comfortable. It’s used globally across schools. And it’s also really, really easy to maintain.”

Arcadia Preparatory School Lobby

According to Kephren Sherry, deputy principal of Arcadia Preparatory School, it was also important that the floor meet health and safety regulations. “It needed to be super safe for children, for example, anti-slip; also, easy to clean. And we were also very keen for the floor to have low emissions, so it would help with our eco-friendly attitude that we have here in school.”

Adds Graham Beale, founding principal of the school, “We are aiming to be a LEED-certified green school and, obviously, the flooring is a major component to that… We also found with nora flooring, it was easy to lay. It was quickly done, and it was an efficient process.” Beale goes on to describe the flooring as “superb,” seamless, which discourages the buildup of dirt and bacteria, and able to support a variety of activities in the same space.

Arcadia Preparatory School Hallway

As administrators at Arcadia Preparatory School are discovering, nora rubber flooring is ideally suited to meet the demands of elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. In addition to low emissions, comfort underfoot, slip and stain resistance, and a dense, durable and easy-to-maintain surface that does not require stripping, recoating or the application of sealants, nora flooring also offers:

  • A wax-free maintenance protocol that means large areas of a facility do not need to be closed while coatings and sealants are applied and allowed to dry
  • Resiliency that makes it easier to move equipment and furniture across the floor without leaving scuff marks or indentations that will mar its appearance
  • Opportunities to incorporate wayfinding in hallways, as well as school mascots, logos and educational tools
  • GREENGUARD Gold certification for low VOC emissions
  • Sound-absorbing properties that enable students and staff to focus on listening and learning
  • A variety of textures, colors and patterns in options to fit any budget

Watch an exclusive video about the use of nora flooring in Arcadia Preparatory School.