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7 Ways to Stay Poised During Your Presentation

Public speaking can shake even the most confident employees. But luckily, you can battle those pre-speech nerves with a few tried and true tactics. For starters, better prepare for your presentation by reciting it start to finish – and then backwards. Keep reading to learn the logic behind this.

State-of-the-Art Solutions for Advanced Polymers, Inc.

An innovative company needs a building that can keep up. So when Advanced Polymers, Inc. moved to its brand new facility, it’s no surprise that their workspace was outfitted with materials that exceed common requirements. The Salem, NH based lab looked to nora® flooring to help create a low-maintenance workspace that offers flexibility.

Net-Zero Buildings Promote Energy Efficiency

Net-zero energy design is a reality, reports Consulting-Specifying Engineer. The term, as defined by the NREL, is a building that generates enough renewable energy on-site to equal or exceed its annual energy use. With this technology well within reach, engineers and architects must evaluate how the pursuit of net-zero design impacts overall building performance.

Long-Term Reliability is the Focus at McMaster University

Versatility is key when it comes to outfitting facilities on a busy campus. Just ask McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. Home to approximately 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students, the university sought out a way to keep campus facilities intact for years to come. And with more than 50 buildings on campus, the task was not taken lightly.

Downloadable Apps Can Aid in Tranquility and Mindfulness

Think of it as mindfulness on-the-go. There are now dozens of phone apps available that offer meditation tips, breathing and mindfulness techniques and even guided meditation modules. These “serenity on screen” apps offer features such as pre-recorded ocean sounds and a soothing, narrative voice to guide users through meditation.

Taking the Stairs: How Paying Attention to This Neglected Space Can Impact Patient Outcomes

Encouraging patients to stay active during healing is a hallmark of a wellness-driven care model. But is your facility designed to promote activity? Healthcare Design Magazine explores an often-overlooked design opportunity in healthcare buildings: the stairwell. Learn how an inviting, light-filled stairwell can benefit patients in ways that go beyond functional.