Healthcare facilities are looking to the hotel industry for design inspiration.

Hospitals everywhere are increasingly focusing on patient satisfaction. That means shifting to a more customer-oriented approach with their services. Part of this focus involves the actual physical spaces where services occur. A handful of innovative healthcare facilities are taking cues from the hospitality field to create warmer, more welcoming spaces for healing.

Metropolis recently highlighted five hospitals that are using hospitality design elements to create warm, welcoming spaces. Here are how three of those hospitals incorporated hotel-like touches throughout their facilities:

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital in Los Angeles. Light, color and materials work in conjunction to create a healing space for patients and staff.

Swedish Medical Group MS Center in Seattle. Designers paid attention to specific elements that would make MS patients comfortable to create facility’s distinctive, plant-filled “Living Wall.”

St. Dominic Hospital Medical Spa, Jackson, Mississippi. This state-of-the-art medical spa integrates contemporary details like clean lines and warm wood tones.

Healthcare design must respond to rigorous standards and codes, so hospitals will never truly mirror hotels. But as Metropolis points out, medical facilities can enhance their spaces and boost customer satisfaction by using hospitality design principles in smart, efficient ways. See how hospitality design influenced the five hospitals featured in the full article.