Campus residence halls are evolving to meet new student expectations – and flooring makers are rising to the challenge.

As institutions of higher learning compete for students, the appearance of campus facilities matters. In particular, residence halls have evolved to accommodate and reflect the ways students live and learn in such spaces. Flooring is a focal point of this evolution, and the variety of flooring options speaks to these changes and student needs.

A recent article in College Planning and Management explores the many variables facility managers must consider when it comes to flooring in campus residences.

With such an array of student resident spaces come evolving expectations about flooring. Yet some constants remain, and it comes as no surprise to facilities managers or others that expectations still center on things like durability, maintenance, the environment and budget. However, there’s an increasing awareness today about how those aspects are interwoven.

The article also delves into how manufacturers are keeping pace with trends while keeping a focus on key requirements. Read on to see how flooring manufacturers and residence space designers are partnering with colleges to provide flooring solutions for flexible campus living.