From wearable technology to cyber security, new technologies are delivering efficiency, optimization and better collaboration to construction jobsites.

Have drones made their way to your jobsite? Don’t be surprised if they do – along with other emerging technology. highlights 11 industry trends construction contractors should keep on their radar for 2016 and beyond:

1. Drones will appear on the jobsite. Imagine using drones for tasks such as visual inspections of bridge undersides and other places dangerous or difficult for humans to reach.

2. Wearable technology. Life safety, wearable technologies will become more popular to ensure the health and safety of workers and control insurance claims.

3. Robotics will get a foothold. For example, a robot that lays out a masonry wall produced by a 3D printer.

4. Automation will increase on-site. As a result of automation, the demand for unskilled labor will continue to decline, while the demand for skilled labor will continue to rise.

5. Visual planning software will promote better solutions. Expect visual planning software to emerge as a means of fostering collaboration among multiple jobsite roles.

6. Cloud adoption. For the construction industry, the cloud offers a combination of best practice workflows, stakeholder accountability and mobile access.

7. Security strategies. With the rise of cloud-based services, a thoughtful security strategy is a must (especially when your site spans multiple parties in diverse geographic areas).

8. Geographic diversification. “Not having all your eggs in one basket” has helped many firms survive the last global recession, so more are now adopting the approach as a safeguard.

9. Data sovereignty. More international work will require increased sensitivity to this growing issue.

10. Knowledge mining. Every service industry is gathering more and more data about current and prospective customers in pursuit of more tailored solutions.

11. Labor shortage. Expect to see the balance of power in the industry shift to subcontractors in 2016.

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