The healthcare industry’s emphasis on remaining as active as possible during the healing process could be aided by putting a little more thought into a hospital space that’s typically overlooked—the stairwell. By transforming stairwells into welcoming, light-filled areas with purposeful design and color, patients, visitors and staff alike may be more apt to step up. Healthcare Design Magazine editor Kristin D. Zeit reports:

In the healthcare arena, encouraging people to walk more, to move and stay active, is the name of the game for new wellness-driven care models. Clearly marked, easily accessible, and safe-feeling stairwells can be such a simple step (up) in the right direction. Bonus: It’s a pretty low-cost PR opportunity to promote your system’s broader wellness sensibilities.

In addition to the exercise of utilizing stairs, promoting stair use can also translate into better infection control. The buttons in an elevator harbor more bacteria than the surfaces of a toilet. Taking the stairs allows for people to bypass many trafficked surfaces they may have to touch with their hands.

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