Simple maintenance regimen is the leading benefit.

Floor coverings represent a significant investment in any facility, which makes caring for them an important part of a facility maintenance program, according to an article in Facility Management magazine. The goal of a good maintenance program is to extend the useful life of the flooring while contributing to that always-important first impression.

The article lists several key reasons why rubber flooring is so attractive to facility managers:

    Rubber flooring repels dirt and bacteria. The floor’s dense, nonporous surface tends to stay clean longer and can be maintained with regular dust mopping.

    Maintenance is less intrusive. The absence of harsh cleaning chemicals, waxes and stripping agents means large areas of a building do not need to be closed down while floors are cleaned and waxed. And facilities (like hospitals) that operate 24/7 do not have to move patients while floors are cleaned.

    Rubber floors offer quiet environments. The improved acoustics are important to many facilities as well.

    Rubber floors provide comfort underfoot. Because rubber is more resilient, it is more comfortable for workers, like nurses and teachers, who are on their feet almost constantly.

Thanks to its natural composition, rubber flooring offers perhaps the simplest maintenance regimen on the market. That’s a benefit that pays for itself year after year. For more on the advantages of rubber flooring for facility management, read the article.