With the right planning and consideration, schools can weigh competing factors and choose the best flooring for their districts.

School districts must consider a range of competing factors and priorities in choosing flooring, with ease of maintenance, affordability, durability and safety chief among them. So how do schools weigh performance with aesthetics while supporting their educational mission? School Planning & Management highlights how some districts across the United States are responding to the numerous factors that impact their flooring choices.

For many districts, ease of maintenance and affordability are crucial. Premium rubber flooring is one solution that satisfies the need for cost-effective maintenance while providing a range of design options:

The rubber flooring approach provides many options in terms of color, texture and patterns, explains Tim Cole, vice president of marketing at nora systems, Inc., and with these options comes maintenance. Stripping, waxing and sealing are not regularly required, “saving valuable time in the cleaning process and the costs associated with purchasing those products,” Cole points out.

School Planning & Management also points out other considerations for school districts, including how flooring can support school identity, and being vigilant about the best cleaning approaches. Gain more insight on how schools can satisfy performance and visual appeal with a little bit of flooring research.