See how college campuses balance design and performance in high-profile spaces.

For many universities, high-visibility spaces like campus centers, performance venues, alumni facilities and administrative offices are a focal point. Flooring systems can add sophistication and refined color palettes to these significant interior spaces, and send the right signals about the institution. But flooring must meet a host of demands, including premium durability, minimal maintenance downtime, health and safety requirements, and extended life cycle.

College Planning & Management discusses the ways flooring manufacturers are meeting these demands while enhancing the dynamic design and utility of prominent campus spaces. The article points out that one key factor:

“High-profile spaces, by their very nature, typically see high foot traffic,” says Tim Cole, vice president of marketing for nora systems, Inc. “They tend to be used heavily, making it difficult to close them for extended periods of time while floors are maintained.” In other words, being in a prestigious location doesn’t offer the luxury of extended time for flooring maintenance or, for that matter, major renovations. Cole points out, therefore, that durability and easy maintenance are among the key factors to consider in any flooring choice.

As Cole suggest, institutions also need to consider whether flooring matches the performance requirements of the space, and if it works with the new or existing design scheme. College Planning & Management also notes that the reliance on sustainable materials doesn’t mean institutions can afford to skimp on aesthetics, citing rubber flooring as a bold, colorful solution featuring environmentally compatible pigments.

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