The University Medical Center of Princeton realized it had outgrown its space. But before management could jump into building an entirely new facility, they first created a model room to test with patients. The mock room – designed to accommodate just one patient – offered a large foldout couch for visitors, a novel drug dispensary, a sink in plain sight so doctors and nurses would wash their hands and plentiful natural light. The result, reports The New York Times, was substantial:

After months of testing, patients in the model room rated food and nursing care higher than patients in the old rooms did, although the meals and care were the same. But the real eye-opener was this: Patients also asked for 30 percent less pain medication.

The mock patient room turned into the standard reality for the new 636,000 square-foot space the University Medical Center of Princeton moved into in 2012. To date, patient satisfaction ratings are in the 99th percentile, up from the 61st percentile before the move.

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