Brand new facility is pushing patient-centered design to new heights.

A year ago, The Breakroom unveiled a video about the largest hospital construction project in the country. Now fully operational, publications are taking note of Parkland Hospital’s complete transition to a new, state-of-the-art facility that is setting the benchmark for healthcare design. Healthcare Design Magazine dives into the extensive renovation process that produced the new $1.3 billion, 2.1 million-square-foot Parkland Hospital, noting:

“What did it take to move staff, patients, and equipment literally across a highway from old location to new? An extreme amount of planning, persistence and patience.”

The relocation of any hospital or healthcare system involves the relocation of equipment (medical equipment, IT equipment, furniture, supplies, etc.), staff offices and workspaces, and most importantly, patients. Materials had to meet rigorous criteria to ensure a seamless integration into Parkland’s facility routines.

The Parkland transition plan accounted for the relocation of an existing 1.5 million-square-foot facility with more than 60 departments, 10,000 employees and 650 patients. In addition to housing a Level 1 trauma center, Level 3 NICU and regional burn center, Parkland sees more than 10,000 babies born annually. A plan was developed to maintain these vital services – meaning Parkland had to remain fully functional during the transition.

For any hospital relocation involving the transfer of patients, occupant safety is the primary objective, as was the case for Parkland. Ultimately, the hospital achieved a safe and efficient move with a custom plan based on the needs and goals for individual locations and patients.

Read the full transition rundown at Healthcare Design Magazine.

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