State-of-the-art wireless communications replace aging wired systems.

Nurse call systems have moved beyond rudimentary intercom systems of yesteryear and are now providing real-time connectivity between the patient and their nurse, according to an article in Medical Construction & Design.

Gone are the days when patients used primitive systems wired only to a nurse’s station. Today’s systems use fast wireless handsets or even smartphones to connect patients with their caregivers.

The direct connection allows for real-time monitoring of the patient experience, also replacing the notifications often plastered on a patient’s door. Now, nursing staff can have a split-screen display featuring instructions on patient access, medications, meals, visiting restrictions and containment protections.

The new electronic interface harnesses the latest communications technologies to improve not only the caregiver’s ability to provide monitoring and care but the patient experience as well. For more information on the ever-evolving technology of nurse call systems, go to the full article.