Learn the criteria considered for business, sustainability and design awards.

A diverse array of architecture firms were named to the recently announced Architect Magazine annual top 50 list. Broken into three categories – business, sustainability and design – the firms embody the forward-thinking designers of today and tomorrow. This year’s competition was heightened by new criteria the magazine used to consider which firms made the cut. Architect Magazine posts:

We updated our methodology to include new metrics: percentage of women and minority designers; range and value of employee benefits; rate of employee turnover. Many respected firms missed the cut; some small boutique firms rose through the ranks. The result? A list featuring a diverse array of great practices.

Chicago-based firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture took home top accolades for their range of international work. Applicants were invited via advertisements and, in the case of past participants, direct invitations. In all, 124 firms qualified. Also notable was that many firms posted massive gains in revenue, revealing that even the highest grossing of firms must employ creative tactics to truly stand out among the competition.

Discover who made the top 50 list and learn the full range of criteria considered at Architect Magazine.