Consider this criteria when new, ground-up lab space simply isn’t available.

You’re already familiar with the latest arguments in favor of energy-efficient labs and preventative lab design for safety. Now, a new dilemma is being considered: the need for small, quick construction when new lab space simply isn’t available. Laboratory Design has compiled a list of considerations that must be addressed when planning small, fast renovation projects. They explain:

In our dense urban centers, the desire for researchers to be co-located with their peers and their heroes, makes the competition for space a real challenge. Assessing existing under-utilized or vacated space, the proximity of possible research collaborations and ‘speed to market’ in making the necessary space modifications are all factors in determining renovation potential. The timing for providing those critical space needs will determine the level of demolition, modification and upgrade.

Evaluating a building’s existing conditions is the first place to start. What can be reduced to allow more space? What systems must be accommodated – and can they be accommodated in your existing space? By establishing a list of criteria prior to planning renovations, you ensure realistic expectations among all parties in the face of fast renovation.

Learn what factors Laboratory Design suggests you consider.