Offices are catching up to advances in medical technology.

The healthcare industry may be on the cutting edge of technology, but many medical offices are sadly outdated. And it’s not just about looks. Staying up to date on the latest design in medical offices goes beyond aesthetics alone.

Improved patient well-being, increased safety for staff and reduced business costs are all benefits that come with focused office design. Here are several updates that can work well for any medical office.

    LED lighting. Replacing dated lighting systems with new LED lights is a trend that has been growing steadily. LEDs have a longer lifespan, require less maintenance and produce less heat, adding HVAC savings as well. LEDs can also offer more attractive lighting options.

    Heated exam tables. A common, yet easily remedied patient complaint involves cooler temperatures in exam rooms. Thin gowns hardly provide warmth, particularly for patients who are already more sensitive to cold. Providing heated blankets is becoming more common in medical offices.

    Wall systems. Both interior and exterior wall systems deserve special attention. Consider wall systems that have more insulation, reducing noise, enhancing privacy and improving energy efficiency.

    Waiting areas. The average patient spends 20 minutes waiting in the lobby or waiting room. This room, more than any other, needs to feel inviting and fresh. One tip: remodel with eco-friendly materials.

For more on how the design of a medical office gives patients confidence in the practice, enables staff to work more efficiently and promotes consistent business growth, read the full article.