How do you advance elementary education? Start by creating environments that stimulate and inspire.

Schools are supposed to inspire wonder, creativity and innovation. But the realities of maintenance and cost mean many learning facilities remain bland, homogenous and uninspired facilities. In a recent article, School Planning & Management makes the case for how to transform schools into welcoming environments suitable for the future of learning. The article offers three strategies to enrich the student experience and help meet tomorrow’s educational needs.

  • Design. By rethinking the design of learning environments, schools can support collaboration, out-of-the-box thinking and transparency.
  • Lighting. Research shows that students perform better when exposed to natural light. Elevating windows and lowering sills bounces more light into learning spaces as it increases wall space and reduces glare.
  • Color and branding. Color should be used to highlight areas and support the right moods, while branding and graphics can express the values of a school and instill enthusiasm in students.

The article goes suggests that thoughtful design and use of color and light helps us rethink the role space plays in delivering successful student experiences. See why transforming elementary schools can make learning positive and enjoyable.